Greater Things Today…Revisited

The question Greater Works Today?! in the first blog has burned in my heart for many months. So much so that I decided to not write any more on the topic until I knew how to answer that question. I sought the Lord’s face and asked for direction. And then I started my research. Before I share my findings, I think it is important to point out that in other countries, especially developing countries, greater works have been done for some time and are being done today. And it appears the rate of power and miraculous is increasing. Glory to Jesus! In fact, in developing countries, the miraculous is much more prevalent than in leading countries such as the United States. I heard one missionary comment on this. He asked a local pastor of the community why so many more miracles were happening in his country than in the U.S. The pastor said, “Well, that’s easy. Here in my country, we don’t have a doctor on every corner. Without Jesus, we will surely die (of illness and injury)!”

Complete and utter dependence on Jesus is the key.

What about in the United States? Now, I’ve known about Randy Clark and his School of Supernatural Healing because I attended at Bethel in Redding, CA in January 2018. But I figured, he’s probably just one a of a select few. And Bethel? Well, they ARE the House of Bread complete with a school of ministry. They totally press in for the miraculous including healing.  So for a long time I thought that miracles and healings weren’t even a blip on the Christians’ conscious radar. I was wrong, praise God. That said, however, it is time to begin increasing the Christian community’s awareness of the greater works that ARE being done, here in our own back yard! And fan the flames of our hunger and expectation of more! Not for entertainment purposes, but to see the blood of Jesus valued to the fullest extent we can possibly employ it. Here, now! His blood was freely poured out for us. It wasn’t just a sparing dribble. He was crushed so that it POURED from him. His blood freely given for our righteousness, wholeness and healing at a priceless cost. Therefore, the blood of Jesus is far too valuable to be implemented sparingly.

Let me introduce you to a few of the folks I’ve had the privilege of encountering in the past year or so:

David and Debbie Hogan:

Last Fall, Scott and I traveled to the Gospel Forum in New Jersey to see this couple in action. Originally from Louisiana, the Hogans have lived in the mountains of Mexico for over 40 years. The Great Commission of Jesus is their sole mission, and they are healing the sick, raising the dead (numerous), cleansing the lepers (yes, they do exist today) and casting out demons. Witchcraft and demons cannot hold a candle to these two, their children or their grandchildren! Of all the miracles I’ve heard of – and saw pictures of – to date, these two have the most profound. Mind-blowing, really. Seems they have the audacity to believe that no thing shall be impossible for them (Mark 9:23)! They do travel in the U.S. for speaking engagements from time to time. So if you get a chance to sit under the spout of Bro. David, be prepared for a firehose of Holy fire. They aren’t big into social platforming or media or website maintenance, ( but if you can find them and attend a service with them in person, you’ll be glad you searched. (Try: The Gathering in Moravian Falls and The Gospel Forum in New Jersey to get started.) Also, you can find many of his teaching videos on

Art Thomas:

Art has a servant’s heart and the courage of a lion. Whether in a distant continent or North America, He trains and equips churches, pastors, villagers and orphans alike in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Signs, miracles and wonders follow because Art cultivates an expectation (belief) that signs and wonders are a legitimate part of the gospel of Jesus. He makes understanding difficult topics easy with biblical principles and hands-on application, such as: Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Speaking in tongues, and healing. Learn more about Art’s ministries here:

Leif Hetland:

Leif has a unique, if not daunting calling as a missionary to the middle east. With God’s undeniable presence and favor, Leif has been able to penetrate areas in the middle east with the Good News of Jesus where no other westerner has been able to reach. He is known in Pakistan and other eastern countries as the “Ambassador of Love”. He embodies, wears, demonstrates, and teaches the Heavenly Father’s love in profound, effective ways. Over a million people have come to know Jesus Christ and hundreds of thousands have been healed physically under Leif’s teaching. I have several of his books; Reign in Life has been a game-changer for me and is a staple in any believer’s library. For short audio teachings, I highly recommend “What Chair Are You Sitting In” and “Healing the Orphan’s Heart”.

Wayne and Sandy Warmack:

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting this dynamic duo in Rogers, Arkansas. They are living examples and testaments of Matthew 10:8  Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received! Together, they travel extensively to lead praise and worship and minister healing. As well, the Warmacks offer a one-day healing school curriculum. They have thousands of healing testimonies to share.  But with all this, they freely give of themselves day in and day out to a beautiful group of women they call daughters in a transitional home Sandy and Wayne founded in 2018. Sandy felt the call to open the transitional home after her daughter died from an accidental overdose. Together, the Warmacks embody the mission of bringing Jesus to people.  Learn more about the Warmacks and invite them to teach at your church or home church here:

There are many, many more folks like the Warmacks who are every day people like you and me taking the Gospel of Jesus to the U.S. and other nations with miracles, signs and wonders following.

Does that increase your appetite for more of Jesus like it does me?